Have you ever heard in a meeting the expression “that is usable” or “that is not friendly”. Yes? Well I have a question for you: Do you know what these expressions mean?. No? Well let me throw you light in this topic, “what is the meaning of usability?”

Usable? Friendly? What are they talking about?

A well known example that I found quite representative and I love in particular is the ‘Coffeepot for Masochists’. This is an object created by the French artist Jacques Carelman back in 1969. He designed a series of objects called ‘Catalogue of Impossible Objects’, his intention was to parody the consumer society up today.

Image take from Bs As Central Market- Coffeepot for masochists

I think this example is quite fun. Can you imagine yourself using it? What difficulties would you have?

In my case, this coffee pot make me feel uncomfortable since the moment I look at it and image myself using it. I think if I read it’s requirements, probably it would be logical, however it won’t be effective in the moment I try to use it. I love this example since it’s quite representative: this is not friendly or not usable

So we could do a general observation: An object is usable or friendly, if in the moment you take a look at it you know how to use it without doubts.

So, what is Usability?

It’s a Quality Attribute, very related to digital products, however you could find this attribute in any object. Usability indicates how “usable” the object we are talking about is.

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Sources: Don Norman is one of the fathers of Usability, I really recommend you his book Design Everyday Things – Don Norman. This book is a reference in this topic.