We’re taking part in the next mission to Belgium!

Pyxis and Idatha are two of the four uruguayan companies officially invited by Brussel’s commercial office (part of Belgium’s embassy) to participate in the upcoming technology mission. The idea consists on visiting several belgian companies that work with some of the same areas than Pyxis and Idatha.

The event will consist on a series of meetings with each company, where every single one of them will expose what they do. It will be a great opportunity to get to know a new market and its customs. Diego Sastre and Sebastián García are the ones attending from Pyxis.

The embassy’s main objective is to start making connections and building bridges between Uruguay and Belgium in the technology sector which, according to what Sebastián García (Idatha), tells us, is practically non- existent. “There is almost no commercial activity in this area between the two countries”.

Brussels has a great competitive advantage over other European regions, for which is looking to consolidate itself as a major player in the ICT sector in international markets. The areas which the mission is gonna focus on are Analytics (BI/AI) and Fin/Insurance tech, although there’s a great interest of belgian active companies in support management, logistics and mobility, visualization and simulation, IOT and energy management.

The uruguayan companies attending the event are GeneXus, Pyxis, Idatha and Xmartlabs. The activity will take place from april’s 21st till the 25th at the Hub Brussels. We are very happy for this opportunity and ready to make the most of it.