Pyxis Research

Our mission is to enhance investigation, both inside Pyxis and in its incubated companies, looking forward to be within the limits of knowledge in order to generate high-value capacities and products. This centre has the goal to attract and promote talent inside and outside the company, enhancing the generation of new knowledge and innovation. We believe this search should take place in interaction with the academy, creating a desirable synergy between it and the industry.

This investigation center is a key actor for increasing innovation capacities in our ecosystem. It’s about a new knowledge acquisition center that allows us to be permanently be aware of the art status in the development areas of the ecosystem. It is, also, a space for our members to deepen their formation and develop investigation. The goal is to promote a nexus with academic investigation, applied to the company needs and, this way, favor the synergy between Pyxis and the academy.

We invite you to know some of the first projects that emerged from Pyxis Research

Sistema de Gestión de Montacargas

To go back to the beginning of the project, Diego Garat, head of Research, tells us that everything started with a workshop proposed by Pablo Marrero. Pablo’s original idea was to address topics related to IPS (Indoor Positioning System) techniques, with special focus on their practical applications. See more.


Two years ago, we launched Pyxis Research, a space that pursues the integration of industry and academy to promote research and innovation, as well as the professional growth of our team. Bas7ion is one of the first projects to see the light.

But, what is this project about? It started out of the concern of Rafael Álvarez, Pyxis external consultant. Rafael found a problem “very practical and real that arises from our own industry: the need to homogenize the language in which we interact with the different Cloud Providers”. See more.