PIMS Development for business transaction processing

Solution: PIMS

Industry: Electronic payment transactions

Localization: Uruguay

Our client, global leader in points of sale solutions, came to us for the PIM solutions development, used in the transactions between commerces and processors. Our team developed and accompanied diverse PIM project’s life cycle.

Initial situation:

When a commerce makes an electronic transaction through the sales terminals (POS), the operation is completed thanks to determined solutions.

PIM: Processor Interface Module- Pyxis developed modules that respond to financial processes that exist to process credit card payments. This software is an intermediate module that operates as a “translator”. The commerce transaction reaches the POS and the portal receives it and derives it to the correspondent PIM. The PIM takes the information and sends the decoded version to the processor, in order for it to validate it and then send it back.

The processor is in charge of connecting the different entities involved in an online payment through a credit or debit card.


Due to the development and implementation success, as well as the service quality, our team got deeply involved in other modules of bigger importance and took part of the migration process undertaken by the client. Together with the client’s team, it took part of development process in different stages, from reception, processing and  transactions validation, to detention and solution of traffic performance problems.