Dynamic interface for the order management of a telephone

Solution: order management

Industry: telecommunications

Localization: Uruguay

We worked for a telephone company that needed a dynamic interface for their order management as well as assigned tasks to the company’s operators. Being able of achieving a configurable interface that combined functionality with usability was one of the project’s biggest challenges. The goal: develop a platform capable of accompanying change management.

Initial situation

People of different ages work for this company, with different digital abilities and located all over the country. The project needed to contemplate all this aspects in an integrated way in one same platform. The most important requirement: attending diverse users, following the characteristics of the company’s internal public.


Every order that is received, whether it is through the physical store or phone, travelling through the telephone system, arrives the to same place. This application shows the operators the orders and allows to add and condense information. It is the visible face: behind, there is the engine. Both, the repository and the engine come together in a same platform.

The solution responds to the business necessities, agile and constantly changing, such is a telephonic.

It is dynamic and configurable: it allows to incorporate concrete changes without having to put everything back to production. From changes in the products, which are constant, to the changes in the different points of sales (agencies that incorporate permanently to the new stands that pop up, for example, during the summer).

Usability: a great bet on interface design

Another big challenge of developing the application was being able to accomplish a friendly Look & Feel for users. A Vaadin was used for that, a framework specifically made for backend developers that is used in open- source web applications. In addition, the project counted with the participation of a graphic designer.

This project required the implementation of an ambitious testing process. We are currently working on its authorization. For that, we use Selenium, a bookstore that allows to automatize and speed the testing up, such as allowing regression tests, among other things.