Deploying Hybris using Kubernetes on AWS

You can run highly available and scalable Hybris Commerce Accelerator Clusters in Docker containers. Kubernetes can be used to manage containers and networking within the cluster.
In this section, we use Amazon AWS EC2 instances with a Ubuntu AMI.
A script called acc_Deployment_Liveness.yaml creates and configures a Kubernetes deployment object. This deployment contains the definition of a pod for Hybris Accelerator.

We have also a script called Acc_Service.yaml that is used to create Hybris service exposing the port 31000 of the nodes and connecting with the port 8088 of the pods.


Port 31000 is the port we will use to the healt check in the load balancer.

the architecture defined in AWS is detailed below


We are using:

· EC2 — For Kubernetes minions and masters servers.

· Autoscalling Group — For autoscalling Minions in loads moments.

· Load Balancer — Is user to balance load between Kubernetes minions

· EFS — Used to share medias and Hybris secrets.

· RDS — MySQL Database

· ECR — Docker Registry used to save docker images.