Transformation agents

Our main goal is to be agents of sustainable change, focusing on growth, synergy, and mutual learning.


We bet on “copeetency” and strongly promote collaboration, alliances and synergy.

Enjoyable professional work

Respect, empathy, transparency, liberty, creativity, proactivity and trust.

Knowledge and innovation

We seek to be at the limits of knowledge to create capacities and products of high added value.


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  • We invited every company’s referents to summarize the most relevant aspects of 2018, as well as what is to come in 2019. Don’t miss out everything they have to tell us: Guayoyo, Idatha, Kinetix, Conex...

  • During 2018, we attended the main technology events of the region and the world. Each one of them was seen as an opportunity to grow, get informed, share with colleagues from all around the world, and...

  • Solution: digital marketing Client’s industry: manufacturing Location: Pennsylvania, United States The initial proposal implied a series of improvement in the SAP Hybris Marketing tool to correct a si...

  • by Gerardo Fanjul Objective We are going to develop a small RESTfull API with Node.js. The project will be attached Introduction Node.js is an execution environment for JavaScript ...



Bulevar España 2323

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Torre Scaglia

Carrera 30 #7AA -207 piso 


Santiago de Chile

Los militares 5620

Oficina 1012



Ciudad de México

Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 1015, suite 100, piso 1

USA, New York

114 East 25th Street, NY, 10010

+1 212 678 6488

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