Flexibility to changes. Continuous improvement of quality. Starting points of agile methodologies.

We invite our clients to work over agile methodologies, with focus on Scrum

Thus, we promote a transparent and daily bond with our clients from the beginning , leaving the fine print of the contract aside.

How do we achieve this objectives?

Prioritizing the interaction between people over processes and rigid work schemes.

Promoting flexible work teams, prepared to respond to changes and modifications that may come up in the implementation of projects. Thus, they are able to redraw the initial objectives at any point of the process.

We establish a series of agile principles:

From onset, we present frequent partial deliveries to give response to the client's problems and that ensure a rapid return of investment. In this way, we avoid communication errors during the process

Accepting that projects evolve and that their implementation will imply changes to the initial plan

Not working for the client, but working with the client

Rely on team performance and generate auto-organized workgroups. Stimulate the team thinking process and analysis to ensure continuous quality improvement

Scrum is one of the methodologies that brings down to earth those concepts. It emphasizes a 100% fluid and transparent relation with the client and generates self managed and reflexive work groups.

The teams are in charge of designing their own goals and the global organization of the project

They are commited to partial deliveries of software that are used, in time, to fix bugs and recognize new needs of the final project.

In turn, they generate instances of reflection before each delivery for the continuous improvement of their own processes.