A dynamic back and forth working model on the basis of time and materials contracts.

Time and material contracts

Agility, flexibility and team-work. The objective: to prioritize the results of our clients. We build long term relationships on the basis of trust. To achieve this, we invite our clients to develop a dynamic back and forth worrking model on the basis of time and materials contracts.

Therefore, we avoid “key in hand” projects.

This contract model allows us to define objectives and a roadmap tailored to each project.

Thus, we are able to follow the construction of each solution since an idea is born until its real value is identified.

Based on this objectives, we come up with multidisciplinary teams with all the required roles. Teams based on collective work and proactivity. Teams focused on giving partial deliveries of working software since the early stages.

This allows us to model the real value of each project through collective and continuous building, together with our clients.