Pyxis research is an initiative that rise up from the team’s concerns and interrogatives. Quite a few time ago, the idea of having a space for research and challenging our knowledge and skills emerged. Today, is one of the main goals for Pyxis 2015.

A space for research and to challenge our knowledge and skills. one of the main goals for 2015 will be the release of Pyxis Research. What is it about? it is an initiative that arose from the teams’ concerns. For quite a while, we have been wanting a space for research and where we could challenge our skills and knowledge. Finally, we defined the creation of a research center. What for? to generate new options of professional development in Pyxis. To position ourselves in the forefront in determined areas of knowledge. To build a space next to the Academy and strengthen a fundamental bond to look after the industry. To generate an organized and sustainable option for the development of new ideas, concept tests, pilots. Its a new space for building and collective creation that we will be discovering together.