Pyxis research

To position ourselves in the forefront in determined areas of knowledge. To build a space next to the Academy. We are now building Pyxis Research

In words of our partners

Sylvia González Mujica, Hg

From the beginning there was a compromising, secure and professional attitude to face up to our needs.

Frank Zimmermann, Arvato Systems U.S.

Pyxis has great strength to pick out their specific talents; this applies to both their technical and human values.

Silvia Nane, MakeITWork

The Pyxis model diminishes individual risks and allows the formation of highly specialized and efficient niches.

Alejandro Narancio, Infuy

It is a company that breaks the mold with the traditional schemes of others, jealously guarding their customers and knowledge. Working together we are much stronger and complete than as individuals.

Pablo Kamil, Dyn Solutions

Pyxis chooses to collaborate. I believe the company can grow by experience and knowledge from others, thus together achieving the best possible service to their customers.

Blogs & News

Upgrade Project at El Correo

For El Correo (Uruguayan Post Office) our team developed an interoperability platform that works as an interface between internal and external systems. Pyxis also delivered a back office system that automatizes processes. Furthermore, we train the El Correo team in new technologies, techniques and software development methodologies.

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E-commerce for major global retailers

Levis, Nikon, Rack Room Shoes are some of the e-commerce projects in which Pyxis participated within their alliance with Arvato Systems United States. Arvato is owned by German Bertelsmann Multimedia, with more than 100,000 employees worldwide.

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Sucive broker

In the alliance with their business partner, HG, the Pyxis team was responsible for developing the payments Gateway for Sucive (Sistema Unico de Cobro de Ingresos Vehiculares) – Collections Sole System for Vehicular Income. The system which integrates the 19 municipalities is able to load the information and unify data provided by each one of these municipalities.

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