We understand the National Agency of Investigation and Innovation (Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación) is a key actor in the generation of knowledge and continuous improvement. In fact, we receive support from ANII in our initial stages.

What is ANII?

ANII is the National Agency for Innovation and Research. It promotes research and application of new knowledge and skills into the productive and social reality of the country, It does this by making available over thirty different instruments such as funding for research projects or national or international graduate scholarships. It has programs designed to encourage innovative culture and entrepreneurs in the private and public sector.

ANII has also developed the National System of Researchers, a program where national researchers are categorized through a strict evaluation system. And the Timbo portal, which gives free access for educational and scientific institutions of Uruguay.

With ANII, Uruguay has a well oiled articulation and coordination system between the different actors involved in the development of knowledge, Research, and innovation. Encouraging synergy and maximizing the available resources.


ANII promotes the development of human resources for research and development. On this hand, it manages national and international graduate scholarships, mobility scholarships, and a scholarship program which promotes teaching fellowships in laboratories.


ANII has available funds for scientific, technological and applied research. Through these funds, it supports projects that generate new knowledge in all areas. with emphasis on strategic sectors defined by the Ministerial Cabinet of Innovation.


ANII develops funding and programs that have industrial innovation as their main objective , From support to entrepreneurial projects to funding for consolidated companies.

Through design and management of funding instruments to be shared with uruguayan companies seeking innovation, the idea is to promote an innovative culture as a new way of thinking about growth and development in local, regional, and international markets.