Rack Room

Rack Room Shoes is one of the main retailers of footwear in the US




Rack Room



Christina Artner (Project Manager)

Eric Perchuk (Architect)

Alkesh Dhanki (Developer)

Mark Wolf (Developer)

Davide Bruzzone (working as an expert Mobile)

In Montevideo

Diego de León (Developer)

Maria Noel Ferrés (QA Manager)

Ignacio Cabanas (Front-end Developer) - Infuy

Federico Regueira (QA - Tester) - Make it Work

Project Description

Rack Room Shoes is one of the major US footwear retailers.

RRS is Composed of two brands: Rack Room Shoes (RRS) and Off Broadway Shoes (OBS). Since the acquisition of the German company Deichmann Shoes RRS, the need to in Place E -commerce sites on hybris Both RRS to OBS.


The first phase of the project Began in August 2012 and ended in September 2013.Consisted of the launch of E -commerce site for OBS.

In May 2014, with the success of the first phase Begins phase two of the project is to extend functionality That OBS site to Interact with an external CRM system, migrate pages of OBS to the content handler Begins hybris (CMS), launch the site of RRS With identical functionality, management Allowing promotions, launching Both sites for mobile devices, allow the leaves Gift Cards Incorporate-through sites and the management of the new category of accessories.