The Goal: tailored and 360ยบ Microsoft. To achieve this, we partner with Arkano, AT, NublIT and UruIT to exploit the potential of Microsoft tools to its maximum.

Why MAS?

Because together we can exploit the full potential of Microsoft. Because we know the benefits of centralizing your platform on a single supplier. The goal: more Microsoft on 360 degrees. 

MAS is the alliance between Arkano, AT, NublIT, Pyxis and UruIT, born as an articulated solution in order to add value to Microsoft with highly specialized services for each client. The added value comes from the union and synergy between the five companies. This allows us to identify the specific needs of each client and help define and develop its roadmap.

Instead of providing separate our individual values, we work on an associated, collaborative and efficient form, while achieving a 360 solution to the client.

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