Infra in house

Some of the notable projects 2014 

Infra in house

Some of the highlights projects of 2014


Xavier Verdino, Gonzalo Delfino, Felipe Schneider, Mauro González, Mauricio Villagrán, María Eugenia Torres, Wilington Ruiz.

Nexa team: Sergio Garcia y Juan Garat.


Penta  Bank– Chile

Installing and configuring Lync and Sharepoint services to the Bank

The task was performed in part site (Santiago) with Xavier and elsewhere remotely


Falabella – Chile

Installation and configuration services Sharepoint and BI

Was performed entirely remotely



Physical servers on new hardware and virtualized storage using VMWARE



Migration to Sharepoint 2013


El País

Change all the equipment edge connectivity of branches


Asociación Española

Consulting for scenario analysis for datacenters


Electronic Health Oncology  Record 

Built together with Genexus Consulting the oncology Electronic Health Record platform