The relationship with Arvato is based on synergy, agile methodologies, and Hybris development. Today, more than 30 Pyxians are working full time in the development of these e­commerce projects.

One “huge fortress" to choose “the right talent"

Descripción breve: Pyxis in the words of Arvato

Levi ́s, Nikon, Rack Room Shoes are some of the e­commerce projects Pyxis have been participating in inside its partnership with US Arvato system. The relationship with Arvato, based on synergy, agile amethodologies, and Hybris development. It started in may of 2012 with team of five people. Today, more than 30 Pyxians are working full time in the development of these e­commerce projects.

Arvato is part of the German media group Bertelsmann, which has over 100.000 employees all over the world. And its revenues were of over 16.000 million dollars in 2012.

Arvato systems is a business unit of Arvato, international provider of outsourcing services. Each day, more than 63.000 arvato employees, in over 35 countries, design and implement changes for a wide variety of business processes through an integrated service chain. The company services over 150 millions consumer in 30 languages.

“In Pyxis we found an excellent business partner, with who we share a common culture; that our teams may develop professionally in an enjoyable workplace...Furthermore, Pyxis has a great strength when the right talent for a project. Not only in the professional sense, but also with the necessary humane characteristics to understand our work culture”, explains Frank Zimmermann, Ceo of Arvato Systems U.S.

“They are a great team with a great work ethic, similar to ours, with a very high levelof education. That is why, our clients in North America or in other parts of the world think of of us as one big team, regardless of whether the office that is dealing with them is located in Uruguay or the United States", concludes Zimmermann.